Fugitive Verses
Popular Reprinted Poetry from Nineteenth Century Newspapers

One by One

Source of witness transcribed: Daily American Organ (Washington, D.C.)

Date of witness transcribed: 24 May 1855

Notes about this poem: "One by One" was printed in at least 201 newspapers during the nineteenth century. It can be found using ID 2073537 in this table of most widely-reprinted poems.

It was also a popular hymn, as can be seen here.


  • One by one the sands are flowing,
  • One by one the moments fall;
  • Some are coming, some are going,
  • Do not strive to grasp them all.

  • One by one thy duties wait thee,
  • Let the whole strength go to each,
  • Let not future dreams elate thee,
  • Learn thou first what these can teach.

  • One by one (bright gifts from Heaven,)
  • Joys are sent thee here below;
  • Take them readily when given,
  • Ready, too, to let them go.

  • One by one thy griefs shall meet thee,
  • Do not fear an armed band;
  • One will fade as others greet thee,
  • Shadows passing through the land.

  • Do not look at life’s long sorrow;
  • See how small each movement’s pain;
  • God will help thee for to-morrow:
  • Every day begin again.

  • Every hour that fleets so slowly,
  • Has its task to do or bear;
  • Luminous the crown, and holy,
  • If thou set each gem with care.

  • Do not linger with regretting,
  • Or for passion hours despond;
  • Nor, the daily toil forgetting,
  • Look too eagerly beyond.

  • Hours are golden links, God’s token,
  • Reaching Heaven; but one by one,
  • Take them lest the chain be broken
  • Ere the pilgrimage be done.